About this project

It's a fan made cross-platform re-implementation of Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge. We played Lode Runner on and off over the last 20 years but when it no longer played nice with modern OS's, we decided rather than just not play it and remember it how it was, we'd re-create it!

We've thrown in a few new features and some tweaks here and there but most importantly - same graphics, same gameplay, and even the same bugs! You can follow our progress on our dev blog.

Lode Runner was created by the legendary Doug E. Smith in 1983. Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge (developed by Presage Software) was released for Windows and Mac in 1995.



  • Runs on Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Same gameplay you know and love
  • Play with the original, studio recorded CD soundtrack
  • Play with or without the old bugs (Quirks Mode)
  • OS dialogs replaced with new themed versions
  • Play with any gamepad - including Xbox and PS4 controllers
  • Play with up to four runners


  • Improved mouse control
  • Shuffle the order of puzzles
  • Paint helpers show you exactly where you're painting
  • Easily visualize teleport links
  • Flip regions horizontally or vertically


Is this an offical Lode Runner game?

We'd love for it to be but nope, it's just a fan made copy. We do not have permission from the Lode Runner rights holder (Tozai) or from the owners of Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge (Activision/Sierra).

Can I play on Mac or Linux without an emulator?

Yes! Just download and you're good to go. Natively.

Will my old puzzle sets work?

Yes! Any puzzle sets made in The Mad Monks' Revenge or The Legend Returns in the last 23 years will work just fine.

What language are you writing the game in?

The game is written in C# and powered by the excellent FNA engine (also written in C#).


New builds are uploaded every weekend. The current build is 17.9.17. You can download the game for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Windows 7+
Snow Leopard+
Music - all platforms

Your puzzles, game saves, configuration file, scoreboard and screenshots can be found in the following locations:

Documents\My Games\Lode Runner Online
/Library/Application Support/Lode Runner Online
Home/.local/share/Lode Runner Online

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