About your configuration file

Your configuration file stores yours keyboard/gamepad bindings, sound/music preferences, language, display preferences, and various gameplay options.

This file is called CONFIG.XML and can be located in your Lode Runner Online directory.

If you’d like to revert all changes back to the default, you can reset the file via the Options Screen or simply delete your config file.

Config properties and values

Propeties marked with * cannot be changed from inside the game.

FirstRun*: determines if this is the first time the game has launched. Default is true.
Setting this property to true will unpack default content on next launch.
Language: ISO 639-1 two-letter code for your .NET language. If your language isn't supported, the game will revert to en (English).
EnableBalloonHelp: determines if balloon tooltip help is displayed. Default is true.
CheckForUpdates*: determines if the game should check for a newer build and download/install. Default is true.
DisableCheatPrompts*: determines if prompts to warn users of cheating are displayed. Default is false.
GameSpeed: game speed. Valid ranges are 0 (not moving) to 1 (full-speed). A value of 0.45 is roughly the same as the Original default speed.
EnableDebugging*: used to crash the game in certain areas to aid in debugging. Default is false.
FullScreen: determines if the game will start in full-screen or windowed mode. Default is true.
StretchFS: determines if the game should stretch to the size of your display when in full-screen mode. Default is false.
WindowSize: the size of game window when playing in windowed mode. The default is 640x480.
BilinearFiltering: determines if bilinear filtering/smoothing is enabled (does not apply to native 640x480 resolution). If disabled, the game graphics will be more pixelated. Default is false.
PreferredRegion: the preferred regional server to connect to for online gameplay. Default is an empty string (will ping for best server).
ToolboxPosition: the last position of the Editor Toolbox. Default is -1, -1.
HorizontalToolbox: determines if the Editor toolbox is horizontally snapped (instead of the default vertical layout). Default is false.
PressToOpenPartsBin*: determines if holding the mouse will open the Parts Bin vs a single cursor click. Default is true.
SfxVolume: volume for all game sound effects. Valid ranges are between 0 (no sound) and 1 (full-blast). Default is 0.45.
MusicVolume: volume for game soundtrack. Valid ranges are between 0 (no sound) and 1 (full-blast). Default is 0.45.
PlaySfx: toggles sound effects on/off. Default is true Ctrl/⌘ E.
PlayMusic: toggles music on/off. Default is true Ctrl/⌘ M.
PlayMidi: plays the MIDI audio tracks from The Legend Returns. Default is false.
UseTlrBlasting: blasted bricks will use the The Legend Returns style. Default is false.
RemoveFKey: allows you to use a numeric key instead of a function key when Ctrl/⌘ is held down. Default is false.
Example: you can use Ctrl/⌘ 5 instead of Ctrl/⌘ F5.
Useful if you're using a keyboard that has function keys that are difficult to access (such as holding down a FN key).
DeadZoneThreshold*: threshold value for a gamepad's dead-zone (the area where movement will be ignored). Valid ranges are between 0 and 1. Default is 0.35. This applies to the left and right thumb sticks only.
EnableForceFeedback: allows you to toggle haptic feedback (force feedback) on/off for all connected gamepads. Default is true.
GamepadCursorSpeed: sets the speed of the cursor when moved with a gamepad. Valid ranges are between 0 (very slow) and 1 (very fast). Default is 0.5.
IncreaseSpeed: keyboard binding to increase game speed. Default is +.
DecreaseSpeed: keyboard binding to decrease game speed. Default is -.
PlayerUsingKeyboard: an array determining which players are using the keyboard. Default is true, true, false, false. Only two players can use a keyboard at a time.
PlayerUsingGamepad: an array determining which players are using gamepads. Default is true, false, false, false.
KeyboardBindings: an array of keyboard bindings for each player (player index * 10).
GamepadBindings: an array of gamepad bindings for each player (player index * 10).

Lode Runner is a trademark of Tozai. Presage LR titles owned by Activision/Sierra.
This project has no association with either company.

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